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We are a Services Provider in Turkey and Rank for our Brand #1, when suddenly the Turkish Authorities decide to block our Domain, we find that in Google Analytics the Traffic decreases and we need to find a solution: A new Domain must be used, the old one cannot be accessed from that country anymore, so the first part of the analysis is done, we have found out that we:

  • Need a new domain
  • The old domain cannot be accessed anymore from Turkey
  • We want to switch the current domain with the new one for Turkish Search Results (, if your current website was ranking in turkey
    (our case example did not have a Turkish domain in search, but we will create Turkish content and rank it, just to give you the example live)

In our scenario, we will be going to show you the domain switch with this website here:
It is currently ranking #1 for the following English query:


2016-01-16 13_18_22-health elite beauty tips - Google'da Ara
Language is set to Turkish, with English keywords, the domain is not actually blocked, but for presentation purposes we are going to use this one


2016-01-16 13_23_44-health elite Güzellik ipuçları - Google'da Ara
We will be creating Turkish content to make the search results more accurate during our presentation, the language is set to Turkish, with Turkish keywords


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  1. Do a quick search on the Turkish Government Website, you have to use a Turkish VPN/Proxy to Access their Website
    I recommend HideMyAss for this task.(30 Day Money back Guarantee)
  2. You can try to pornvpn免费下载 from Turkey to open the website and tell you if they can access it
  3. Reach out to IRC Members from Turkey
  4. Also use HideMyAss or some other VPN/Proxy to access the website directly
    (Be aware, in some cases this might not be good enough, because HideMyAss might not comply with the Government Restrictions and still allow Access to the site)
  5. Use some online service to check the website
  6. Try a Turkish Proxy yourself with Windows or Mac
  7. Try theHOLA Extension, but pornvpn免费下载 before you use it.



All DNS Records should be in place, you can go and check if you have everything set correctly

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    HINT: You need to add all versions, such as,, (if you have SSL) and all others such as if you have a language version ( if you are targeting a country such as Turkey for example FOR ALL YOUR DOMAINS (,,,,…) and then also set your preferred domain 
    • Google Search Console (Choose Domain Name Provider , because we want to be able to do the switch in time and properly, so do not use Meta Verification, etc.)
    • pornvpn免费下载
    • Yandex Search
  • Are Canonical Tags Implemented?
    • Language Versions other than Turkish
    • Language Version Turkish
  • New Domain shows same Content as old Domain


First comes the 301 Redirect

The redirect must be done by developers, if you have enough knowledge of code and programming, you can also do it yourself.

  1. Check if Redirect works
    1. Google Chrome Console
      1. HTTP Spy Chrome Extension

Second comes the Switch in Google

HINT: If the domain is not verified by that point, then Google Analytics traffic will verify it, if you are already receiving hits on your new Domain. Just press “Verify with “Google Analytics” (change “” in the URL with your Domain and after that you are good to go through the next steps.

  1. Turn off the old redirect from to in “Change of address” (if necessary), meaning, there was a change of address already done previously, to do that, change the Domain “” in the address bar with your own.
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    • pornvpn免费下载
  2. pornvpn免费下载 from to in “Change of address” (if it was done previously too), for this step, just go back to the same page, (but this time replace “” in the Address bar with “”) meaning, since we released the old redirect, we can now let Google know of the new redirect in “Change of address”.
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    • “Check” if the Redirects work, if all is pornvpn免费下载, proceed and activate it.

Third comes the Fetch Site as Google and Submit

  1. You should see the new domain appear in search within the hour
    1. Are you out of Credit for Fetching? No Problem, we got your back!
      Get another Google Account and add yourself as Manager

SuperVPN for PC / Mac / Windows 7.8.10 / Mac / …:Step 1: Download the latest version of BlueStacks installer from the official BlueStacks website. Step 2: After the download is completed open the installer and proceed to install Step 3: Navigate the setup wizard to complete the process of installation. This should be easy, just follow the procedure until is completed successfully to finish the installation.


Don’t do anything stupid now

You might get tempted to submit links or ping or index pages faster, but there is not much you can do right now, this process of switching a domain can take from 8 to 72 hours, those were the time frames I experienced, it all depends on how much traffic you are already getting through Google and how many Links pointing to your old site have been already switched (such as media buys and affiliate links)


Removing old URLs

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